Good lighting helps

Lighting is the improvement to your home that should be overlooked, in the sense that good lighting is felt, but rarely noticed. The opposite effect is that bleak or powerful lighting can be harsh, deterring people from appreciating the beauty of a carpet. You can create a more comfortable living space by taking control of the lighting in your home.

A good first step here is to understand lightbulbs and tubing. Fluorescent tubing should be avoided as the light produced can be garish and overpowering. Consider compact fluorescent bulbs, or even screw-in LED lights. Devices such as dimmers are very useful for controlling brightness from light sources. As large rooms tend to have large windows, dimmers can calm the tone during the day and give the room adequate lighting during the night.

Keep in mind that improved lighting does not always mean purchasing an expensive fixture. It can be as inexpensive as letting natural light through a window by opening a drape, or setting a candle on a table, depending on what lighting situation you’d like to address. Remember to pay attention to the function of a room as well, as some rooms call for different types of lighting.

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